Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stupid Comic and the laugh is on me!

Well here i am struggling i thought to get all the questions i needed created before i ran out of pages in the application. However i took an odd step of coming up with the questions from the real comic, and not the graphic novel compilation either.

This has caused me an issue it seems!!!

I have been stressing a bit as i have been running out of pages, but still needing to make more questions. So here i am this morning trying hard to come p with 10 more questions (a personal goal i set each time i create questions). Once again stressing as i see i only have a few pages left, but i need about 15 more questions, for my 100 minimum!!

Then as i finally turned to the last page i realised it did not look right. So i boot up the game and jump to the last page. They are not the same!!. Waaahht?

I then of course start looking back and lo and behold i find that the comic i have been reading is page 52....

Therefore i have another 48 pages of comic in which to draw my questions from. Needless to say, although i felt a bit annoyed and silly. I realise this is a great problem to have. so coming up with my 200 questions once again seems plausable.

So onward with the questions. Next time maybe i will do better having possibly learn't something from this, though at the moment i am not sure what.

So the Graphic novel is 6 books not 3 as i somehow got into my brain. DOH!

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