Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The mind never rests

It lives inside all of us game creators. Whether you be a Designer, Programmer or Artist. Th dreams the thoughts the desire for creation. To make things better than before. This desire is strong and allows us to finish what we start. As starting is real easy, but finishing is amazingly hard.

Just think of all the things that could stop you from creating your game. From simple stuff like lack of enthusiasm, there are greater things from outside influences. Friends and family demand time, and significant others have killed more games being created than all other distractions put together.

One such distraction is the fact i today had surgery on my body. Only outpatient surgery, but still a major distraction in my creative processes. Of course i am here writing my blog :), but anything else will be out of the question today. As sitting is rather uncomfortable for me.

But this distraction is something i can use to my benefit, as i lie bored in bed, watching TV go over and over the same boring groud. Instead i can use this or organise and design more of my game, use the boredom of TV to fuel my fire for something interactive and much more exciting. Of course i could also use some information from what i watch to help spice up my next game.

So hope you are all well and have started your next awesome game. I will be doing mine soon, and then these blog posts will take on a more personal note (gamewise).

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  1. Ouch! Well take it easy matey, and I hope you recover quickly!