Friday, September 25, 2009

Meetings are essential

But man, they can certainly feel like they get in the way of 'real work', or are just plain borrrriniingg! Meetings generally get out of hand in several ways.

So what do ya do about it. Below i List my fave things to do, to make a meeting more productive and also a lot more 'fun'.

1. Organise the eeting with notes to go over beforehand (Have a meeting plan).
2. Keep the meeting on subject. Once you diverge to talk with 2 people out of a meeting of 8, then you are most definitely doing something wrong.
3. Keep the meeting as short as it can be.
4. Wrap up with asking around the meeting group to see if they understand and also if their are any more questions. This is a great way to get everyone to leave and get started immediately, and not wander off chatting at the coffee machine.

Well, i am off to several meetings today. Wish me luck.

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