Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to planning

So ya have a nice basic game thought out. Now is the time to start writing it, but that needs a basic plan.

What to do first ? etc...

Control. I always love to start with the control. This is after all the primary connection between the player and his Avatar, or on screen representation.

Detection. Further advancing control. Platform games really don't work without this kind of thing. Though sometimes it is player vs alien control one needs to write.

Alien Interaction. The first Alien does not have to be the best AI. Something simple will usually work. With this basic Alien and controls now written. It is possible to know if the game is fun. Fun is what we are bauot, or maybe not if you are doing a new gameplay test or idea etc.

So these important steps do not require awesome graphics. We have written many games up to this stage with colored Cubes or spheres etc.

Now go write that fun feeling demo of your game.

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