Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Blog is always the hardest

1. This Blog will detail aspects of the creation pains and processes related to both Indie games development and original product development for Sorcerygames.
2. This will also serve as a Blog for aspects of professional games development as that is currently my day job. (Indie games do not pay at all atm)


So what should i say. Where should i start. Without a nice reference of background information it is surely not possible for anyone to relate to this blog at all.

I am not going to give my lifes story at this juncture, but i will probably try hard to point out proper references later as i begin to discuss where i am in the game and original product development cycle.

Of course, currently noone knows who i am. that is simply because i wanted to stay anonymous, and let my products and company do the talking. But this is not really possible with a blog. And as that is something i really want to do, well it might be time to come clean with some basic bio or whatever.. BAH!

Let me see what i can knock up quickly for a subsequent post.

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