Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To pass a Submission is a glorious thing

Today we found out we have passed PS2 SCEE certification on the latest game i have created (in this case converted from the Wii). We now just have a PSP SCEE version to go through and we have them all done, YAY!


Enjoy the brief feeling of fulfillment because it isn't going to last long. Not long enough that is for sure, till once again you are back into the fray of trying to keep your company afloat by working on the next game or content.

So i work for a small company and we have already started on our next undertaking, because money is tight and failiure is NOT an option. As one workmate and friend put it, I want to know that i did my best, and if we fail then it isn't my fault.

Not everything is under our control with our development, but some things are, like how hard we work each day. So give today a special amount of attention and get-er-dun.

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  1. Grats Rob! I know how much you guys put into this one. Well done!