Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organising a project development

Most people appear to think that organising a project starts with commenting it, and sometimes they feel that organising starts with laying out what great systems they are going to code.

I disagree with this theory. I believe that organisation starts with knowing what kind of game you are going to write and then designing the directory structure that all the code and art and other little parts are going to live under.

This can be an invaluable time saver later on, because you know where everything is, and so does everyone else. It is basically better to have a designed place for stuff that just placing stuff where you feel it should go when you create it. That leads to a mess, just like the drawers for your clothing that mom used to yell at you about haha.

I will give one more tip here though... Never duplicate any folder name, and if possible keep all the file names for data and code etc unique as well. This was a recent pain in the butt for me working ona title that had so many sub directories all named the same, ARGH! that kind of thing makes me insane.

... and with good organisation comes time savings and a great feeling of confident knowing.

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