Friday, September 18, 2009

Energy for getting a job done

One of the most valuable assets a developer can have is friends. Ones with a like mind are the most helpful, but any energetic and enthusiastic friend is worth all the time you have put into your friendship.

When a project is stalling for lack of energy, or maybe it's because your day job is being brutal at some points. Having a nice lunch with a friend (or friends) and discussing your goals and desires can give ya the much needed boost to get past a particularly difficult part of the dev process, or even get you across the finishing line.

I had one of those lunches today with 2 friends. Not to get me over the finishing line, but it had the effect of making me want to write more games immediately. It instilled me with so much energy i could burst soon.

1 comment:

  1. I was a very good lunch! I totally agree with the whole energy thing. It is really important to surround yourself with like minded, enthusiastic people who basically want the same things.

    I remember back in the day, when we started Core Design, and later when I helped start Eurocom, the most valuable commodity, more than talent or anything else, was energy.

    Of course we were all young back then and we had boundless reserves of the stuff, but my point is this; working on indie games, in a small group, with people who share your passion, is very close to those early days. The thrill and excitment of creation. The joy of having control and pouring yourself into something worthwhile and satisfying. That, my friend, is what it's all about, and why we got into this business in the first place.