Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whats in a name?

Most importantly I want the name to reflect the gameplay inside it. Especially for Distilled games, as that is part of being distilled after all.

However with my new game Heroic Simon there is definitely a thought or two that this will be bad for me from a copyright standpoint. From what I can discern 'Simon' by itself is a registered trademark for the game/device. So I think I am safe.

A trick I tend to use to find out if I can get away with a game name is to research what games are currently out there with a similar name. There are several examples of simon this or this Simon etc on the App store, so once again this helps me not worry too much.

I also believe in a backup plan though. Mine is going to be that if I get a cease and desist order and it looks legit, then I will argue my case, and if in the end I must change my games name, then I will get the logo altered to include the small word of 'says' inside it, and rename the game to Heroic Simon Says. Pretty simple really. But I always like a plan.

Da Voodoochief

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