Monday, January 20, 2014

Heroic Buttons Indicators and Sales data

I figured that today was time. Time to show and tell about the indicators for the sales of the game.

1. Silly promotional video on youtube. Viewed 19 times in 9 days.
2. Silly promotional video on vimeo. Viewed 24 times in 10 days.
3. GameCenter Leaerboards. 44 people on the leaderboard after 9 days.

You know I was really disappointed with the 44 people in the leaderboard. I dreamed of a hundred after the first day. I had visions of a thousand after a week. The reality is much more humble. This is after all a game made for Leaderboards, virtually wholly made for them.

As for the video views, I am of a mixed mind. If there had been more video views than downloads, then I would be upset that the video did not attract people to download the game. In this instance though I feel that people who viewed the video probably checked out the game.

I have been watching these indicators all week, and I did not go near the real download data on iTunes.Connect until today.

116 downloads, and 90 of them in the first 2 days. No longevity of advertisement, of notifying the downloading public that my game is now live and out there.

I will follow this post up another time with thoughts on this, only I wanted to keep this more informative than theoretical.

Da Voodoochief

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