Thursday, January 9, 2014

Heroic Buttons Forum Postings #1

Today was the day I was going to start posting my game description to forums and iOS fan pages.

It started badly with me forgetting what my passwords are for a few of the excellent sites I had researched. Still how hard can it be to retrieve them? Not too bad, but still more time consuming than  I wanted. Then I had real difficulty trying to figure out one of the sites ( handled new release posts, I saw several of them all nicely formatted. a bit of research tonight showed me how it is all done with some nice tags they have for posting such information. Still I struggled to get my ID setup correctly.. I have no idea why I suffered to be honest.

This morning I updated my Web pages to reflect the new release. That is here...

Then I got the iFans post setup. This gets posted to a holding thread tank before someone in authority places it into the correct forum. Not a bad system if it is being monitored in a timely fashion. It is a nice site though that seems to help a lot of people with their questions. I hope my receives some notice.

Finally tonight, after a very tiring day at work I got to try out the toucharcade site once more. I failed first time as I wasn't allowed html to format my post and this confused me. Still I now know that the site is really well setup with scripted tags to make the posting job so much easier. This is a very popular and busy site that offers a lot. Check out the post.

And along with my Facebook page that is all I have managed to get done so far. More tomorrow I hope.

Da Voodoochief

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