Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grouped iOS leaderboards, hmmm

I realized a few days ago I hadn't setup my other half of the Heroic Buttons game. By this I mean that I need to create an Ad free version that I charge money for. This has several main effects for me.

1. I get money for bought versions of the game.
2. I now get double the exposure for the game.
3. Prospective players can now see that getting the free version has some value. (compared to paid version).

After realizing this I decided I needed to make sure I can share the leaderboards and the achievements between the games, as they are quite separate games within iTunes. After looking into the iTunes.connect manage apps area it was easy to spot there is a way to setup the leaderboards etc as a group so the can be used by more than one game. BRILLIANT I thought. Let's do it.

This is where I had a problem.

Maybe YOU have experienced this and have an answer to my predicament.

My issue is that it informs me that it will convert my leaderboards into a group leaderboard, and that I should use the grp.Name to reference them. I don't know how I can do this without breaking the game I have in release now. Also if I create a new version I will have issues as that won't work properly until I change the leaderboard references. Bah!

So I am stuck, and not sure what to do about this right now.

Any ideas?

Da Voodoochief

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