Sunday, February 23, 2014

Been a while

Yup, been a while since my last post. I know you are all aware of this.

I have been ill with the Flu which got better, or mostly did. Then I still had a cough. I wasn't too worried about the cough of course until it turned into something the Dr is calling Asthmatic Bronchitis. Which I can tell ya really took it out of me this last week.

I am now on some steroid drugs and an inhaler.. And I think I am getting better.

Still it has mean't I have done nothing on my games development. work was hard enough, and I couldn't manage all my days there either.

I am back.. sort of getting back anyway. This means I am now trying hard to get Heroic Partterns done and dusted and sent to Apple for approval. This is way later than I intended, but better late than never eh!

So I am close, the Heroic Patterns Lite version is very very close, and though my full version is crashing at this time, I should be able to fix it once I focus on that, rather than the lite version.

My aim is to release both the Heroic Patterns games at the same time, the only difference between them being that the Full version does NOT have ads in it. So a much cleaner interface of course.

Ok, I am done for tonight.. I will hopefully be able to get stuff done once more and post again about it all.

Good night,
Da Voodoochief

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