Monday, February 24, 2014

Promo video for Heroic Patterns

I have been really busy tonight, but didn't do a lick of programming haha!

Instead I have delved into the creative side of what my next promotional video will have in it. I tend to like to keep these videos short, and as amusing as I can. I am not great at this, but the creative side of me loves to do it.

So tonight I have written down what I hope will turn out to be my video. I have the layout the locations and what the people will say etc. Like a real script in fact (well in my imagine of one).

My manpower is low and I really want to get it done asap, so I have come up with places to film that I am likely to be in the next several days. such as the park, or the street or my living room, haha! Brilliant isn't it.

The actors will all be my family of course and maybe even a cameo appearance of my cat... though that depends on her cooperation of course.. hmm, so not too likely haha!

I will hopefully start filming it this week, or weekend.. depending on rain.

Tomorrow it will be time to go over my Heroic Patterns Lite version of the game and get it ready for uploading to Apple test... oooh, excited!

Da Voodoochief

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