Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GameCenter Leaderboard list

It seems I cannot bring up the list of Leaderboards for my game Heroic Patterns. I can easily bring up any individual leaderboard, but not the whole list.

I tried a few wild card strings for the category name, along with trying some gibberish, but this was all to no avail. The leaderboard that comes up is the default one. Which is something set in iTunes connect. I really don't want to default to any particular leaderboard. I really want to show the list.

Once the list comes up the player would be able to scroll along the list and simply pick the leaderboard they are really interested in. I have no good context way of knowing which to show the player, and only having a simple and obvious button to bring up the leaderboards makes it difficult for me to even guess which they might be after.

I think the current showing of the default leaderboard is probably the worst I could possibly do though. It is very likely that this leaderboard has around a 13% chance of being the one they want to view... I may have to come up with some clever algorythms to see if I could show a more likely leaderboard, even if only brings my chances of the right one showing upong request to say 50%. In fact I would be happy with 50%.

  1. I could show the leaderboard associated with the last pattern that the player attempted. That I am sure would increase my odds of being right by at least triple. Of course they could simply be going to check out which other leaderboard would be a good one to spend time on. Still a realistic odds improvement.
  2. Now I have best score and total score leaderboards per pattern.... So I could also check and if the player just scored a close or better personal best score for the most recent pattern played. If it is close of is now their best score. I could assume that they want to see the personal best score leaderboard. This I think would double my chances of having the correct leaderboard for the player.
  3. hmm, working on a third probability...
Now I have those ideas, if I do not get an answer to showing the leaderboard list from the marmalade forums in the next few days. I will implement those probability enhancers I have listed above, hopefully with more ideas coming along.

Have a good one,
Da Voodoochief


  1. I was stuck on the same issue and after trying a variety of things and I settled with having one button on the main menu page that launched game center into the achievements page and from there they could scroll over to the leader boards or view the achievements.

    Seems to work nicely enough.

  2. hmm, I can totally understand why you did that. I placed two buttons on my game screen though, one for the achievements and one for Leaderboards. I really hoped that I could go to the selection/list of leaderboards in my game, but I have still not found a way. I have also not invested any time in doing the intelligent leaderboard selection either.
    I need more time for research I think.

    Thanks for the answer, makes me feel like I did something right, or not wrong :)