Thursday, December 5, 2013

Any Plan is better than No Plan at all

This is something I firmly believe in. If ya have a plan then it is easier to modify than to come up with a plan in the first place. Though I understand some people are not good at altering plans.. But I am.

So here I am with my new game Heroic Buttons all set and ready to go live as it has already passed Apple testing. Now what should I do with this? I don't want to just put it out, I know that.. doom it to failure for my lack of thought, gah No thanks.

So I decided to come up with a pan. For that I needed my Pen and Pad. Then I wrote several ideas down as they came to me. Here they are below...

Promotional Notes for HB,
  1. A Week of tweets
  2. 2x Facebook posts
  3. Find 7 iOS forums or fan pages to post a link on
  4. Blog 7 days in a row about HB
  5. Ask people who have iOS devices to download and rate the game for me.. it is Free!
  6. Press release?
  7. Use a promotional service?
  8. Setup a HB web page on my site
Most are fairly obvious, and I chose 7 because I did... I figure before I go live I will accumulate most of this stuff, and make the final decisions on whether the optional ones will happen or not.

I am very excited to have this plan. Usually my plan is get Reveiws and such, but that never went well. This time I think I have bitten off something I can easily chew. Then next time for Heroic Patterns I can probably get more of the same.

I am also sure you are thinking that I hassle all the people I know with iOS devices already with y products, but that has not been the case. This time I am ready, I'll get the kids all fired up with their friends as well and I should be good.... I hope.. I just need a plan to get school kids to download the game now, hehe

Da Voodoochief

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