Saturday, December 7, 2013

Any Plan part 2

I have been trying to forward my Promotional plan for Heroic Buttons, and here is where I am at...

Extending my notes with the possible Tweets I will be making. 3 Full tweets and several possible swap in parts. also a number of Hashtags I can attach if there is room.

Tweets are ready.. WOW, great start eh!

Blog post ideas in note form. I only really need the idea for the post and also some sort of title. I am not great at coming up with Blog post titles. So my notes now include an outline of 7 days of posts all fully related to the Launch week of Heroic Buttons in some way.

Blog Posts read.. Wow, even better eh!

Finding 7 iOS forums to post on with the announcement of the game. This has sort of gone better than I would have suspected. though I now see this is more work than I initially thought it would be. There is also an ongoing commitment to the other forum posters to answer follow up questions and comments. This is not simply a one time deal, this will cost me time socially interacting. Which is a plus as enjoy that kind of thing, but also a time sink which makes subsequent writing of games slower. Still I have managed to find 5 suitable places so far and joined them all where necessary. I also one more that was having site issues, so I may go back there. However with my new found understanding of the work involved in this kind of thing, I may cut this back to 5 sites. Of note is that I looked at several posts of this kind on these forums and found some nice examples of other games being announced. I will base my post on theirs, but now I realize I need a bunch more promotional material generated to do this properly. Some good insight, lot more work...

Sites research is good... Wowza, but much more work found.

I have done nothing else so far on the other points, but will get to them once I have gotten all the new promotional materials ready for the sites. This is some unexpected work, but will be good to do.

So in summation, I would say it is going well, but I am not sure I can actually get the game published before Christmas at this point. In fact I do not believe I can make it this year. which is a real waste of a good Christmas purchasing bonanza time.

Da Voodoochief

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