Monday, December 30, 2013

Back again and ready for the new year

I am back from Utah and back working on my games.

I have done a little work on Hoopfighter to bring it up to the SDK version I am currently using from Marmalade. Other than that I had to wait for Apple to reopen their iTunes connect site (it was down for a week for maintenance etc). Once it was back up I was able to add in an important person to my mobile provisioning file.

Next up was to get the new leaderboards setup for Heroic Patterns. That was easy, though I have yet to marry the code to handle these new leaderboards. It was funny, while in Utah my friend Colby got  a higher personal score on one of the patterns, and this caused me and my daughter to have to beat his new score. It was good fun, and once I add in the new leaderboards it will be immortalized for everyone to compare with. A big plus for the app I reckon.

I hope this new year brings me some level of success, and by that I mean thousands of people playing my games. The big number for me to beat is 10K players for a game. If I can beat this number with my newest releases it will be fantastic. And Heroic Buttons is planned to come out next week sometime. wish me luck eh :) Oh, and if ya own an iOS device.. I would it if ya downloaded it.. but more when I release the game.

Other than that I will continue to play Marvel Avengers Alliance and Torchlight 2 no doubt.

Have a Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you coming year is filled with pleasant surprises and wonderful memories.

Da Voodoochief

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