Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Heroic Buttons Promo part 3

Getting boring isn't it, being at part 3.. and yet so far to go.

Well I have been working on the Promo video and I am very close to having it complete. Once I get some last piece of voice over it will be ready for the world.. Only the promo says that the game is currently available, and well, it isn't. In fact it cannot be ready until I have everything in place. I think....

That is a grey area of course. Do I really need to have all the promotional stuff ready to go before releasing the game? What is the big deal about doing this all at the same time. Not like I have print Ads that will be promoting the game or anything. As you can tell I really am in two minds about this whole thing. I cannot come up with much of an idea why this is important besides getting some form of immediate at once media sensation type thing might work out.. Only I don't believe my piddling efforts will have much of an impact to be honest.

So here I am thinking about this instead of working on the promo stuff. bah!

I reckon once I have a bit more stuff ready to go, namely the video is finished and the iOS fan forums layout is done I can then go live. So if I get my butt into gear, it should be in the next few days. though I also want to print out a couple of hundred business style cards promoting the game for my children to give their friends with iOS devices... Maybe I'll add that to my short list.

Da Voodoochief

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