Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hoop fighter Todo list

I have been keeping this list and expanding it when I think of something in a program called Onenote on my windows phone. I have to say it is quite handy to do that, as I come up with things to add at all sorts of odd times. The one thing this list below doesn't show is the check marks telling me I have already completed that item. Which is a pity as I have completed about half of these below. Still, I will keep adding items and solving them as time passes.

I do wonder what other devs are using to track a todo list like this one, or if they simply remember everything. I used to write it all down on a pad with me pen, finaly I am coming into the next century haha.

Hoopfighter to do
• Popup numbers. Test completed move in collectables.
• Code entry screen.
• Adverts screen, page
• Video working
• Include cheer move
• Include ballistic move, or design a new move
• Use spiky ball in 1 or 2 modes
• Use chair for enemy
• Create flash in stands
• Use multiple lives
• Do save game system
• Design code features
• Design in game purchase features
• Design achievement s
• Get scoreloop in
• Finish credits
• Fix back/pause button on ipad
• Sort out continue or new game
• Put in test, placement sfx
• Finish dunk minigame, use dying anim for dunk anim
• Do more advert banners for my book games
• Find more sponsors for banners?
• Lay out the basic instructions and put them in game
• Talk to Scott about adding cheering manager,teammates in the background
• Fix shop item selector to match code entry version
• Put in the code to activate bought packages
• Put in code to activate code entered items
• Punching enemy should do damage
• Flying enemy should do damage
• Name all levels
• Restrict playable levels based on progression

Da Voodoochief

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