Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sfx stands for.. Silly?

I have started the sound effects for the game. Althuogh I don't actually have real ones, or even a full list of required SFX it never stops me from proceeding. The one way I have found to get a full list of effects for the sound guys is to simply put some in. This way I quickly find out which ones I have missed off my notes/list.

So a few nights ago I was recording 32 sound effects for all sorts of things, from starting level ditties to explosions, from gutteral 'urgh' to flying chairs. I did this not by searching libraries of sounds (that takes real time!), instead I decided to record them all with my voice. I even managed to get my kids to help me out with a few, as they wandered in to see what all the noise was about. Only to find me slapping my face while making gurgling noises to simulate a smack to the face of Kal. Ahh the fun of it.

In the end about half of the sounds are in fact not terrible, but there are still a bunch of really silly sounds. This is not a bad situation though as replacing a sound is pretty easy, and simply having a placeholder sound helps me do the code or get the timing right for a sound to happen. All good and necessary work.

So I put it on the iPad and let the kids laugh at the cacophony. It sounds worse than it should as I have not yet implemented the individual effects volume settings.. so a swish of air is as loud or louder than a big explosion. That will most likely be my next job. then I can balance some of these effects a bit.

It was a fun time recording these effects and it took me about an hour in total to get them ready for use in game. Not bad for 32 sfx eh!

Da Voodoochief

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