Saturday, March 30, 2013

Universally inspired

On of the great things about doing stuff is that any experience could be the catalyst to creating great new things.

This was the case yesterday when I went with my family to Universal Studios Hollywood for my sons birthday. There are so many experiences from annoying to amazing and any one of these could inspire in me the next newest fun idea I might use. For example...

At the start of the day we had to drive down the freeways of LA to get to Burbank. This is in itself an interesting environment with lots of possibilities of excitement depending on what kind of game i was interested in writing. but lets move forward from more daily stuff to more memorable Theme park excitement.

We were at first treated to lots of crowds and navigating through them to get into a good line with our tickets etc. Not bad, but it was frustrating, and might be for a player too.

In the theme park we encountered a lot of fun things to do and experience. From the Scary Maze to the Transformers 3D spectacular and new ride. This was amazing and the kind of technology they employed was fascinating. Lots of movement linked with fast shocking visuals. These kind of things inspire me to want to create fast action games, though of course Transformers is not interactive. something of course I feel like I could add.

I am going to skip a whole lot of amazing experiences and jump to the final few shows of the day, Waterworld, which is a live action spectacular and makes me want to create wonderful scenery and story to go along with sweet effects, and Shrek 4D. Which make me feel like I need more interactivity with the player, though of course I cannot yet blow wind on the back of the players neck, or spray them from some Dragon sneezes. Still It gets me excited to think how wonderful some games could be if they had more tactile interfaces and additions. Of course I am always on the lookout for tech developments that add on to real world connectivity.

It was an inspiring day and watching my family and my kids friends have such a great time, smiling, laughing and being so buzzy. It makes me want to help make people feel that same way through my games and books.

Da Voodoochief

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