Monday, March 25, 2013

Down Time

Sometimes during development I get down on the project in general. This weekend is one of those troublesome weekends, and now I wonder just how many more days I will feel this melancholy towards my current game dev project.

One of the most awesome things about working in a team is that when one of the members gets a bit down as always happens, you know the weight of what is left to do, or the burden of a difficult and annoying task is getting us down. Their spirit can be buoyed by the other teammates, which always feels good for everyone on the team. Seeing that member suddenly brighten and become productive again can give the whole team a great boost.

By oneself it is hard to sort out when stuck on a particular problem for too long, or simply things are not going as well as hoped. For myself I find my artwork is not coming in anywhere near the degree I would like, also I find my scoreloop programmer is not producing the work needed to get the job done, and I am now waiting on that. Yesterday I was going to knock out some temp SFX to put into the game as place holders, but I cannot get my super microphone to work on my laptop, gah! Along with these external problems the one I am stuck on is a bit stupid, simple even. Yet I seem to be unable to solve it. This I am starting to find is grinding on my nerves.

My usual solution is to simply move onto another task that can easily be accomplished. Then I start to get my mojo back and will build up enough of it in a few days to re-attack my current stumbling block. Meanwhile I will continue to enquire about the external dependencies I have.

Well that is enough moaning for today, off to work I go :)

Laters all
Da Voodoochief

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