Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flying Attack Enemy Player

It is about time I showed you all some of the cool and exciting code I have been busy writing.

You see I got a drop of new test graphics to play with for the game, and so the radio silence has been me implementing them. I had to redo Kals animations setup, and that took a bit of time to get right. Then I had the very exciting prospect of coding some enemies to tackle Kal with.

So last night I recorded two videos and here I will present one I think looks exciting. check it out and I'll chat more after the video break.

new flying attack enemy player from Robert Toone on Vimeo.

This enemy cmoes along idling and waiting for you to get in range. Then quickly ducks and launches himself at you with a big smacking punch and raised knee to do some damage. I managed to record him flying over me as I slid and dodged under him, which I think lokos superb, and then I let him hit me so you could see that as well. The only thing I was unable to record (holding the camera and pressing the iPad screen is way too much for me) was me timing my kicks to knock him off the screen. Maybe I will get some help to record that hehe.

This enemy animation is setup as an idle (4 frames looping), and then when in range I start a sequence that sees the dude duck downa nd launch into the air. At the appropriate points I give these animations some velocities to have him go up and then down with gravity, as well as accelerate him off the ground as though he has kicked off. The duck and fly sequence is 14 frames. I then keep him on the last flying frame and let the velocities and gravity do it's work.

Da voodoochief


  1. Looks great man!

    I need to catch up, been away from your blog for almost a year! (Damn you work and university thesis!).

  2. Hi Nahuel,

    Nice to get a comment, it has been a while. I hope ya won't let that Uni stuff get ya down, and good luck with ya thesis :)

    Thanks for the positive comment, and I will continue to try and make this game fun and exciting.

    Da Voodoochief