Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art Driven Motivation

I am a very motivated individual when it comes to getting games created. I do not know where this drive comes from, but it is strong in me. I tell people that ask that the hardest part of writing a game is finishing it. After all I have seen so many people start writing games and really struggle to complete them. Though it seems the more experienced a programmer is the easier it is to finish. Maybe that is because experience has taught them just how many details require time and attention to complete a game.

Still being driven has allowed me to be very good at getting products created on time and usually on budget while working with a large and diverse assortment of individuals. I work very hard to make these individuals work as a team, but I also motivate them in various ways. Sometimes of course I am just not feeling it myself. My motivation can be at a low ebb and those days I struggle to move forwards. I have several ways that I use to help re invigorate my motivation but my favourite by far (and also my most successful) is not controlled by me.

Art.... Getting art for my games is the single biggest motivator I know. For some reason it works better than anything else. I don't know if it the realization of my designs in visual form, or is it because this is a part I cannot personally do? I am not sure, but the effect of receiving some new art for my game is a massive motivation boost. It also help if I simply know some new art is imminent as it helps me complete things I might be struggling with so I am free to put in all the new art when it arrives. I also see this same effect on my team members when they are given new art. So I know this effect is not just for me.

I love it best when  I know I will get new artwork on a regular basis, like every Wednesday or something. That gives me a lot to look forward to each week.

Time to go get some work done, ya see, I have some new art work to put into the game.

Da Voodoochief

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