Friday, July 13, 2012

Sound Recording ready?

I spent some money on obtaining better sound equipment so I can record the audio for my Book App to a higher quality. I did enjoy using works system, but carting that back and forth is a pain. So I bought my own stuff. After talking with several workmates about what to buy (they are mucisions as well as great geeks). Then I went to musicians friend and bought all the bits I need.

After I ordered all the stuff most of it was sent the next day. The only issue was the mixer, which was on back order, bah!

One of the best bonuses of buying all this equipment is that I now have excellent Karaoke equipment to use, sweet eh!

One week later and the moxer was sent out. I got it last night and tried to set everything up. Only to find I missed a bit. GAH!  I missed buying that  RCA->Jak and I need two o them. Still a quick journey to Radio Shack today and 6 bucks later. I now have them in my posession. I think there might be audio happening this weekend.

Take care out there,

Da Voodoochief

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