Monday, July 9, 2012

Design template

I have been working on a design template this weekend. Nothing too fancy, but a nice succinct layout for me to throw my new generation of Game designs into. A format I hope will be efficient and also allow my friend Scott to easily adapt as well.

Ya see we are both busy designing games at the moment, and at some point we will choose one or more of them to go into production. However his way of laying out designs is nothing like mine. So i am hopeful that if I do this template, we can really put designs alongside each other and work out which we want to do. Not which is better precisely, but which we will do for many reasons, that I will write about when i know the answer, lol.

Here is my first attempt...

Now I have my template I am going to try and put in a design I already did, to see which aspects I have missed. That way i can find which parts i have missed and also tidy it up more (make it more consistant in layout).

Da Voodoochief

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