Monday, July 16, 2012

Porting Others Games

I am in one of those rather frustrated days today. I even feel a bit angry to be honest.

The reason is that my Day job has mostly turned into porting others games onto inferior machines. I have done this kind of thing for many years, usually dotted with development on original titles along the way. Mixing the two methods of programming and creatig games has been fun and very informative.

Yet, here I am sitting at my desk today, looking over this ridiculous amount of code that creates one of the simplist games I have ever seen. I do not feel like this is what I am mean't to do. There is no real creativity to this one, unless you count the detective work to fathom some black box piece of code and then write a system to replace it. Lots of detective work, not much coding. Still a bit of fun to be honest.

Today though, i feel frustrated.. I have several creative developments going along at the moment and I cannot find enough time to really get them moving faster. Instead I sit here looking over thousadns of lines of code that do so very little, gah!

At lunchtime though I will be able to work on my designs again... I will wait patiently for that time,

Da Voodoochief

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