Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Night of Work

Well last night went so well. I managed to attack several things and get them to the level I wanted to. A much more productive time than I have had this last week for sure. Heck I even managed to suffer an hour or so of Diablo3 as well.

Watched Chronicle with me family.. I realy enjoyed the raw flavour of this film. I felt for the depressed and picked on kid the whole movie. Though my favourite character was Steve, he rocked.

Read some of a book by Brock Deskins on me Kindle Fire as the wifey watched some master chef crap. It was so distracting I could not work, though by this time I had setup my PC and al my excellent recording equipment. (see i was preparing).

Once Hells chef Master was done and all expletives spoken i was ready for some work. So I got down and started recording the rest of the Male reading audio for A Day at the Zoo. I was soon done with that and I believe I am getting much better at directing myself (sure hope so).

As I had been reading my book I had been pondering a game design challenge. It has taken me something like 4 days but as I was reading the inspiration and idea hit me. YES, i knew i had it. So after the audio work. I wrote down the design layout.

I answered several emails and emailed Google about an isue with my 5 Golden Coins app. Then I typed up my design and sent it to me mate Scott. I really feel this could be a good one.

Next up I played some D3. Killed so many elites and then retired it. The butcher will be taken down very soon now.

Edited some pictures my artist has sent me and created an apk. Though I will wait to send it till later this week I think (i can add my audio :).

And then I went to bed, haha

Da Voodoochief

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