Monday, July 2, 2012

Snake Sketches

As per my Elephants post, this is another sketch sample from Nathan.

This time I have what I believe is an easier choice, simply because each snake is a different species. I try to look at this artwork from both a parental perspective and and also a childs eye view. This I hope will give me the best insight into which sketch to use.

what do you think ?

Me, I like the Boa at the bottom. Not exactly sure why, maybe it is the coiled nature of it?

I have also included a colored Sketch of the Panda. It was this picture that convinced me I should use Nathan for the art in this book. I hope you too can appreciate the wonderful sense of Pandaness that exudes fromt eh sketch. Yes, it is not yet finished, but on it's way.
Da Voodoochief

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