Sunday, July 29, 2012

3D is now a plaything

One of the Excellent things I get from using Marmalade is that I get to play with whatever I want, 2D or 3D wise. Even menus or UI has several flavors to choose from. This is a most excellent suite of tools or SDK. I usually tell ya about how easy it is to create cross platform content. But today I am gonna mention my new direction...

I have been doing 2D games now for some time with my Indie game dev company Sorcery Games. Well it might be time to branch out. The 2D is very easy in Marmalade ( and I expect the 3D to be just as easy. I am very familiar with both worlds having created and also ported so many games, both big and small. One thing I dislike is having to somehow wedge in addons to compensate for the game type I am writing. So far I have not had to do that with Marmalade.

Still onto todays topis. 3D, yeah check this out, a picture from my PC desktop, but it lokos the same on the Amazon Kindle...

You cannot see it from the picture, but she is also animated. this is CombatEva and she is part of one of the examples. Only this version of CombatEva is an export from my artist friend, and the animation is also one he created for her. All is well in creating a basic 3D model and rendering it. One of the advantages of using Marmalade is the fact it creates Native CPU instructions to run on the hardware. This makes it a real performance winner. And who doesn't need as much help there as we can get eh! The Backbreaker series is created with this SDK along with Need for Speed etc. It is a proven 3D powerhouse and we need that, as some devices are simply not very powerful with polygons.

Next up for me is to get another model into this game and fly the camera around. I may just do some flying controls, not sure yet.

But I am very happy to be going into the next dimension once again. With Marmalade I expect it to be as simple as it can get.

Laters all,
Da Voodoochief

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