Monday, September 26, 2011

Xna publishing on WP7, predisposed to fail

So two things. both of which i feel are very important. One of them i think MS will do as soon as they can get the back end sorted out. The other i have no belief they want to do. Can you figure out which is which as you read along?

1. In Game Transactions. These are now a staple of the both the IOS and Android phone systems. Though i know Apple is struggling with a bunch of issues on the iPhone. Still all the articles and blog posts i have read recently telling me this is a great way to make a project viable makes me want to create one or several Free games and charging people Freemium style for stuff. Alas MS do not have this in the current WP7 setup.

2. Achievements and other 'premium' Xna library content and accessibility. As far as i can tell Xbox Live Achievements and Leaderboards and possibly Avatars are all classed as premium content for the WP7 devices. I am not sure exaclty why this is, i feel it is a political decision to help out those Big companies such as EA etc to have special stuff of their own. cos them having lots of money to invest in a title and of course having licensed titels is not enough for them. Still this is MS decision and although i do not understand it, i can still hate it.

If MS decide not to open up their premium content  and with no in game microtransaction setup looking like it could happen in the next year. It seems to me the poor Xna developer is just setup to create games and apps to fill a void and not really helped to succeed. Yet Ms has made this wonderful environment for us to play in, but is that all they expect? Us to play in that place? One good thing is that although it may be predisposed to fail. It does not mean that everyone will, jit just means that it is harder than it could/should be to succeed.

Thats my latest complaint for the day,
Have a good one,

Da Voodoochief


  1. Wow, making your last complaint of the day at 8:00AM. You've got me beat by a country mile.

  2. Last? No no, i state 'latest'. Only i did write this over the weekend but scheduled it to go out this morning. Cos i was busy with a birthday party, and didn't want to me mia if there were any intelligent comments :)

    Da Voodoochief