Monday, September 19, 2011

Being Ill, the responsibility

I am sure i am not the only one that works in an office that makes it hard to avoid other people. Now i do not usually avoid anyone as my job entails talking with everyone. Though i was ill on friday. I had a head cold and it was quite bad, however on friday i was not quite so bad. This mean't i was entertaining thought of coming into work. But i was not sure i should, because here we are in our Beta phase for our project and i really cannot afford to throw away any time from my team.

So i made the magnanimous decision to stay home and not have any chance of infecting more peolpe at work. I did manage to remote in and do several hours of work myself, but it was nothing compared to the destruction of work i could have wrought if i had infected several peolpe.  So i think my decision was a good one, and it did allow me to read/finish a book i had recently started (bonus!).

I wonder how many people go to work because of the pressure of completing stuff and actually do more harm than good?

Da Voodoochief

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  1. My work neighbor does, that's for sure. I keep telling him that if he gets me sick, I'm using his time off.

    I always think of it mathematically. If I'm contagious and go to work. I risk getting several people sick. The chances that in one day at work (sick) I can do more work than four others, well they're pretty small.

    When I'm in an individual office and can close the door, I'm much more likely to work sick, but avoid all contact with others.

    Hope you're feeling better Rob.