Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Backburner to the Fore

It seems it is time to make one of my backburner projects a more main focus.

I have seldom written about this project recently, but it has been in development now for approximately 6 years. It started when i was reading to me kids and then i witnessed otehr parents reading at their own children. I do not support the act of reading at children. I do not believe it builds up the sense of wonder and excitment that i think reading should instill in them. So i set about trying to alter this situation. From that i created my childrens books.

B4IR or Books for Interactive Reading

Yup, that is the web page/s that i have recently started on for my series of childrens books (major work in progress). With the aim of making it easier for parents to connect with their children while reading with them. It feels like a lofty goal of mine and yet i have witnessed a number of times parents reading my books with their children and both of them participating in a really excited way.

Can i make a business out of this and change the world at the same time? I do not know, but I need to try and push this simply because i think it will benefit certain families and help children to enjoy reading.

Lets see if i can actually make it a reality this time...

Unlike Xna games which really cost me nothing but a whole bunch of time. Bok publishing seems to cost a lot of money   AND   time.

Stay healthy
Da Voodoochief

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