Monday, September 12, 2011

Will I have a Job ?

As my current project is coming to a close and we do not already have another job ready to start it is one of those times where i wonder.... 'Is this the end of my job?'.

I am sure other 3rd party development people have been through this nearly as many times as i have. Though it is something that never happened when i was working first party (ie: working from within a publisher). Nowadays though i am not sure if the same is true, as the last time i worked from within a company (THQ), we were unceromoniously let go before completing an in house project for them.

Anyway, i have about 2 months left to go and i wonder what i shall be doing 2 months from now. anyone who reads this blog knows i have several projects on the go and am hoping that maybe one at some time will be able to pay my mortgage, though at the moment that is not true. From my interactive childrens book series to phone apps and Xbox games, i have lots of expertise and desire.

So what will I do?
1. The company i work for could find more work.
2. I focus on my own projects and get the book series published
3. Work on more phone games
4. Work on more Xblig games
5. Find a different line of work to do
6. Find a job at another company

These all have their pros and cons. At this time i am hoping for continuity and the company finds more work (1). Meanwhile i will continue to pursue my other endeavours.

This is still a worrying time for any family member and i do have to say i am worried. I have 2 wonderful kids that are near high school age, and as all parents know that is not gonna be a cheap set of years coming up. So for now we need to make hay while the sun shines and see what comes along.

I sure hope i do not have to take a job working someplace else though as the commute time is gonna a bunch of hours to my day.. Then it will be very difficult to work on my own stuff.

Take it easy out there,
Da Voodoochief

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  1. I'm in the same situation. I don't seem to have the luxury of 1. though; I'm pretty much stuck with 6. unless something happens.