Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Xblig, i cannot come back

I am in one of those times in my life where i am at a crossraods. A crossroads of what i should do next. Now i am not talking getting married or anything quite so big, but i am talking about what I should do with my time.

At the moment my job could end in approximately 6 weeks. If it does what should I do? If it doesn't what should I do. whether or not i get a new job or carry on with my current job does not matter in some ways. As i will continue to develop Indie games. I cannot stop, my creative side demands that i let off some creative steam here and there. If i don't have a job i am sure i could survive quite well for some time before needing to find a new job. The thought of what games i could create full time makes my mouth salivate so much it makes me drool.

The thing is, and the reason for this post is that i have a love of Xblig, and Xbox360. I love the toolset (though i personally dislike managed languages, though i see their need). I really want to create another game for the Xbox. I have my Berserkatron game that i started and would love to finish. I also have many more designs that are designed and take up varying amounts of time to develop. My problem is that i will not be going back to Xblig. The reason why is simple. I grew up playing Arcade games, i was once in the British arcade games championships and i love that style of game. BUT.. and it is a big BUT... Arcade games NEED leaderboards. And until I am allowed access to them, i will not be able to bring myself to Xna on Xbox.

So i must be cast off because of some reason that Microsoft has to make the leaderboards hidden from us Xna Xblig developers. Now i have used the leaderboarsd in full priced software i have written on the Xbox360, i know how good and reliable they are. Alas i cannot get to them.

Oddly enough though Apple (yeah, Apple!) has Game Center and they give achievements as well as Leaderboards and more. Why is Microsoft so far behind on this one? Why are they a little off base... in my opinion?

I do believe though, unless i have established myself on another platform i would love to come back when the leaderboards appear.

I know a few people have alternatives for the Leaderboard issue on the Xbox and also the windows phone. I also rolled  my own version (with help from JWatte) and although it did work, it is just not a good solution. Viral score sharing is only good for immensely popular titles. So far i have not reached the critical awareness i need to make it work properly.

If anyone with any pull at Microsoft reads this post. please PLEASE PLEASE
Make leaderboards available to the common Xblig Xna developer.

Da Voodoochief


  1. Do you know what platform you'll be programming next?

  2. Hey Matey,

    Well i am considering PC adn Steam, but i may also go with Unity and therefore be able to move to various other platforms pretty easily. I do not yet know about integrating all of Steams features from within Untiy3D though. I hope it is possible. Another option is for me to go with the Unreal engine and start again with Steam and then PS3 most likely.

    Da Voodoochief