Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'd love to make

When i did my last post about not coming back to Xblig. It got me all nostalgic. I loved so much about the experience and the people. This inevitably got me to thinknig about what i would do. Berzerktron is an obvious choice for one of my unfinished games. However one of my favourite games (that i created) is in need of a sequel.

A Shooter did ok, it sold at approximately 30% conversion rate, which i love. However i have learn't since then a few mistakes i made when i created the title. In some ways they are subtle, but in some otehrs they are critical. So what if i was gonna do a sequel eh... What would i do?

1. The name was bad. Although i wanted to describe my game, i did not think about all the FPS games that are now called shooters. also naming it 'A Shooter' and not 'AShooter' was a mistake if anyone wanted to search for my game, it was lost ina  sea of search results. So this time i would want something else, something more poerwul and something that will describe the new game. In fact it would probably be named for it's increase in mass destruction as listed in the following items.
2. People found the intial levels a bit hard. Well people not used to shmups anyway. I now know this and so i would go the route of having too mmuch firepower at the start and then letting the gameplay come to them more slowly, instead of learning to play right from the go.
3. Options are always a good thing in games, or mostly are. I would want to add a nice screen to let the player place the firepower he has. so all that firepower at the start and then they have some ways to customize it too.
4. I would not change my A Shooter levels. This would give me a lot of time to get all the rest of the work done. Don't worry the game would feel and in fact would be a completely new shmup experience, and in some ways could show how different very similar seeming shmups could be. With this reduced amount of work creating the levels i wcould get the game out in a reasonable amount and of time.
5. I would want a score multiplier system in place so people could take more chances, but earn more points in a level. That would get peolpe really trying hard to beat their friends and their own high scores.

Isn't it a pity that i won't be making this exciting shmup of mass destruction becasue it isn't worth it if i don't have True MS supplied Leaderboards for people to outdo each other....

Da Voodoochief


  1. it isn't worth it if i don't have Leaderboards for people to outdo each other....

    You don't have true MS supplies Leaderboards you mean. :)

  2. A good point Jim. I have edited it above to clarify that statement.

    Da Voodoochief