Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reaching Beta

Ahh the amount of work and frustration and hours that go into making games.

It is a huge undertaking to create a game. Even the small ones take a lot more time than anyone gives them credit for. Then you have bigger games and even more time spent by a lot more people. So when you get to a milestone like Beta it is a good thing. Hopefully the milestone was hit on schedule. Though to be honest the amount of hours per week per person tends towards the outragous on most any project reaching Beta. also the tension can be felt throughout an office when  a team is at this very important point in a products development.

Our latest build is a pretty good Beta and I  put in my build notes that the game is now ready to have video taken of it. This is something i am hoping for, as then the product will be announced and i can talk about it in more detail. Still i am very proud of my team and the hard work and dedication they have put into to make this Beta build work properly.

The exciting part now is that we have about a month in Beta and we have only the bugs to fix and a couple of otehr things we need to address, like frame rate in certain heavy areas of the game. Still we have plans for all those areas and i am not too worried. So now i feel pretty good about making submission and this is the most relaxed i have felt about this product since  January this year.

Da Voodoochief

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