Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So much stuff to do

I have so many things to do and below is my short list (short cos it is the MOST important items).

  1. Get GameCenter test App running on my iPod
  2. Realize I need to setup test App and all sorts of stuff to be able to test GameCenter (bah!)
  3. Send off an invoice for my work on Hoopfighter. I hope to find out soon who and when it might be published!
  4. Get IAP for iOS test app running on my iPod
  5. Realize yet again I have a bunch of setup to do before I can test anything
  6. Be excited about the prospect of working with a great artist on not only Space Invaliens, but also stuff in the future! woohoo! (done and done again haha)
  7. Update my Web sites
  8. Release Free/Lite versions of my Book Apps, so more people can try before they buy (if they see it)
  9. Figure out what else I have forgotten to put in this list :O
I am not the biggest fan of setting up stuff with Apples web sites. I will do a post about all the elements one has to set up for IAP and GameCenter when I get to do them. Maybe I can even find a useful blog from someone else talking about this very same thing.. hmm, now that's a plan eh! Once I have the correct setups done, deploying the test Apps will be very easy. One of the nice things about Marmalade is the fact their examples tend to work easily.

Now I am getting a little concerned about when my license with Marmalade runs out. I think it might be pretty soon (October?). So I will also have to check on that. If I don't get more paid work, I will not renew my 500 dollar license. Instead I will go back down to the 150 license. Which will be a slight downer.

Ok, back to work for me,
Da Voodoochief

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