Sunday, August 11, 2013

Game bible

My Space Invaliens game is hopefully not going to be simply a game. I really want it to be an IP or Intellectual property.

To do this I have expanded (actually I started with ) the design of the game to cover a full array of areas so the game could become a fully fledged franchise, or even have pillows made of some of the game elements.

As I started out with this kind of scope in mind, I did not find it too hard to design the elements and ideas I would need to make it possible. Today I have been very busy typing up all the elements from my extensive notes. I still need to do more, but it is on its way at 6 pages. This document I am calling the game bible. I will try to continue to develop the ideas for the game and of course try and make things friendly for the possibility of becoming a franchise.

The other use of this document is so an artist can understand my ideas more readily. Once read they can hopefully add to the bible with real imagery.

Laters, gotta write more in my document.
Da Voodoochief

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