Friday, August 23, 2013

GameCenter Now Done

It was so Easy.

No, really it was. Both ITunes Connect and its Manage Apps, section along with the Marmalade implementation (extension) worked really easily and well together. I am surprised and also excited, in fact I was so excited I moved onto iAd.. but that is to follow.

Back to Leaderboards and how easy they were. In ITunes Connect I clicked the Space Invaliens game, then clicked the button saying 'Manage GameCenter'. In there it was eminently easy to add leaderboards, and sort them, and rename them (when I made an error). So easy I setup 5 boards for the first 5 levels best scores along with an overall board. I have to add though that Apple could make it faster for me by allowing me to setup a range of leaderboards and simply increment their name. As I might end up with 100 levels, that is a lot of clicking, eek! Still, easy and does as it says it does. Setting up a couple of test achievements was just as easy, though you will need 512x512 images ready to upload for each achievement.

In Space Invaliens I am using Marmalade and their GameCenter extension worked great. Setting the new score and also bringing up the GameCenter GUI were so easy. Geez, it took me about 20 minutes to add in the Achievement code and also get a button on my title page to show the GameCenter Gui at the achievement screen. Simply awesome. I ended up sticking my code into a class I simply called cGameCenter and is accessible from anywhere in my code.

I highly recommend anything thinking of doing this to simply do it! It is very rewarding and I love it.

One sad note from me is that I will be implementing the Google Play Services for Android devices when I get to it, and I have been reading up on that system. The sad aprt is they ONLY allow 100 leaderboards per game. I am not sure why such an arbitrary number, but that will pose a problem for me game if I actually go to 100 levels. As I would need several more leaderboards to finish up the game. Still I have yet to go there.

Da Voodoochief

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