Saturday, August 17, 2013

Apple got it right

It is not often I say much nice about setting up stuff or generally dealing with Apple authority and setups. However this time I am saying something nice.

I needed to setup my game with GameCenter and the only thing I knew was that I would have to go to Apple Connect and do a little setup. Oh no, here I go again into the Apple web pages in the Safari browser (only the safari browser works correctly for all Apple web pages). Still I went into Connect and Clicked the Manage Apps link and then clicked the Space Invaliens link.

This took me to my usual Game/App management page, and lo and behold in the far top right side there were the links to not only GameCenter, but also iAd setup and IAP. Well I will come back to those later I am sure.

So I went and clicked on the GameCenter link and it took me through a setup of how to create a leaderboard and also a nice simple test Achievement. I was going to put instructions, but believe me when I tell ya they are not needed. Which is surprising and very pleasing.

Now I have got to write the code in my game to actually access the GameCenter stuff, and I am sur I'll blog about that soon.

Da Voodoochief

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