Saturday, August 24, 2013

Setting up IAP for iOS WTH?

Well after my recent success with GameCenter I figured next up was to work on the iAd code. And I am not going to talk about that here, lol. That is for another post though....

Today I am going to complain about IAP or In App Purchase setup. I was still all abuzz because I was hoping that setting up IAP was going to be nearly as easy as the iAd and GameCenter was. Now it looks easy and in fact setting up my first purchasable item seemed to go swimmingly, so far so good I thought. this is great. I thought I would then setup a couple more items for purchase to allow me to test the system more thoroughly. Well that is when I got confused...

I had setup the first item. Then I hit save and was presented with this,
The first In-App Purchase for an app must be submitted for review at the same time that you submit an app version. You must do this on the Version Details page. Once your binary has been uploaded and your first In-App Purchase has been submitted for review, additional In-App Purchases can be submitted using the table below.

what does this mean ? Does it mean I am not allowed to setup a new item for purchase until I have some form of screenshot.. of What exactly?

Is this a screenshot of me showing how I present the purchase Item information?

The upshot is I am not certain how to proceed with this at this time. Next up for me is to get the game to setup and do the screen design for the IAP in the game itself. Maybe it will work with this one item and then I can try this screenshot of something and submission thing. Though my game is well away from submission. So what do I need to do exactly?

Good luck in your endeavours,

Da Voodoochief

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