Monday, August 19, 2013

GameCenter Authentication, initial setup

I managed to procrastinate most of the weekend away before I actually got round to working on the GameCenter implementation in Space Invaliens. Now of course I had it setup in iTunes Connect, I also had read a bunch about how to use it. Yet.. well, nothing quite works as well as experience.

Sometimes ya have to simply give it a go...

So Sunday night that is where I found myself. Time to get it sorted. One of the off putting things for me was the fact I have to do this on the iPad itself, and not simply use the emulator (oops, simulator) to show me it working. so creating a file to upload to and then download to my iPad is a bit annoying, though not really very time consuming in all honesty.

So I put in the include (single header file), and I added the extension to my .MKB file. It compiled and I took this as a good sign. Then I grabbed a bit of the Marmalade example code for player Authentication and placed it early in my own code. Then I created my apk file and uploaded it to my iPad.

Well it didn't work. One trick I use is to color the background various colors depending on what is happening in the code. So Red for bad, and green for good. In this case I had set Red up for if my communication error'd out. However my screen was not red, in fact it was black, which mean't it hadn't done much of anything as far as GameCenter was concerned.

I realized that I was not updating the system, as I was in a closed loop awaiting the login to work itself out, however this mean't the system was not getting any time to actually do that. DOH! a Noob mistake in some ways. I simply added in a flush and tried again.

Next I am pleased to say was the requester appeared to have me sign up or in (all good), and so I did that. It even notified me that I had indeed signed into GameCenter (YAY). Now I had run out of time for my evenings work, as I have to be up at 6am Monday... So off to bed for me, and tomorrow I will try and display the Leaderboard GUI, and then upload a score..

Da Voodoochief

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