Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Space Invaliens Shop

 Here is the Shop screen I am implementing for Space Invaliens. There a number of things I want to mention about this screen.
I have two currencies. The Gems and the Salvage. The Gems will be required in all transactions, however the Salvage that you collect will only be used in upgrading the ship, like a stolen technology being used.

I also have 3 categories of packages to buy. Fixers, Upgrades and Enhancements.
  • Fixers are cheap packages that allow you to mostly repair your ship on the go, as the Shop screen can be accessed by the  in game Pause menu, it is possible to keep repairing your ship on the fly.. till you run out of gems that is.
  • Upgrade are what you are really saving all your gems for. This is where you can upgrade you ship to have more shielding and more firepower. From new firepowers to upgraded ones, it is up to you what you want to buy to help you suit up your ship to devastate the aliens.
  • Enhancements are the Bling of the packages. They are cosmetic in nature, though a few are also able to enhance your scoring ability. Purely the optional buy, though I am sure people will enjoy some of these.
The NO NO NO buttons along the bottom are the quick buttons to help you get to the type quicker in the listing carousel. Though at the moment they are in sore need of a set of graphics haha!

The items in the carousel and the Buy buttons change color depending on what you can afford or whether or not you already own it (if it is a single buy package, which all but the Fixers are).

Although playing the game will earn you plenty of Gems and Salvage items. I have the intention of allowing players to buy the in game currencies to speed up this acquisition, and so be able to bling out and upgrade their ships more quickly. I do not know at this time if I shall ago ahead with that option, as it will be work to implement....

Da Voodoochief

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