Friday, May 17, 2013

Space Invaliens, whats next

Well I am not sure. I have been very productive and got lots of stuff setup.. I already have multiple fire powers, and the 3rd alien written, along with it's special firepower (the bubbles!). Next? here are my thoughts...

I could work on the shop. After all we are already collecting the gems needed to buy stuff from the in game shop. In the shop there is also the special section for upgrading special stuff using the salvage that is collecting when fighting enemies. So doing the shop would give me a fair bit of work to do, and allow me to test the powered up ship.

I have keyboard controls in already, along with touch screen direct controls. So a player on the iPad can touch the left, right, weapon select or fire buttons at the bottom of the screen. I do have several options I want to create for the controls though, some are new and some are variations or setups. Setting up alternative key mappings is pretty easy, but I may want to allow the player to select any key for any task, so that's a bit of work. Up next is mouse control. this requires me to follow the mouse and use the two buttons on it for weapon selection and fire. Finally, at least for now I am going to introduce a special control mode for tablets. This will include a simple control mode which means you will only have to use one finger to easily control the ship. More details on that when I get it done.

In some of my previous titles on the tablets I have been good about being resolution independent. Only for some reason for this I decided not too, well actually for Hoop fighter, which is the code base I am using for this game. It was a silly mistake, taking out something that was already fully functional, and now I want it back so I can produce this game for any device. gah! What an idiot. Still, it won't be a huge job to get all that back in and working. Then I can once again test on iPhone and iPods and Android devices.

Game Development
I could carry on creating more aliens for the player to fight. I could start sorting out which combinations of the 3 aliens I have so far work great together, and start laying out a possible level progression. I also need to work on more sound effects, though until the real graphics are done, they are really all in beta. I have several more firepowers to write, and the enhancements to these powerups to write an test, along with the enhancements of the aliens for when you meet them later in the game. So much fun in all these things though hehe

As you can see from the videos I have done so far. I do not have real graphics for this game. I am stealing them from all over the place. I am fortunate to have some great graphics to steal from, still, one of my desires is to find the right artist to create art for this game. I also am thinking about kickstarter, yet I believe my chances of success at that are slim, with no graphics.. Project Greenlight is something else to look into, as I really would like to release this for PC, and probably Mac as well, though mouse mode might be odd with only a single button mouse haha. Should I be drumming up support on Twitter and Facebook, and trying to connect with reviewers already for this title.... Hard to say, but I do believe it cannot be too early. Setup more information on my web pages, to include this.. gah!?

That's my thoughts for the moment, I am outta here
Da Voodoochief

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