Thursday, May 23, 2013

5GC Free Weekend Sales

My two book apps '5GC' and 'ADATZ' have not been doing too well since I released them. Not that I think they are bad, only discoverability wise they are failing. No surprise there eh! Well I have been paying attention to what has had an impact on other games. This has led me to creating a Free weekend on the iOS versions (not tried discounting Android versions yet, if that's possible).

Here is the graph of the incident (It was free over both weekend days, 18th and 19th).
  • I had a single sale of these book apps over the last month. As you can see leading up to the weekend I also had no sales.
  • Oddly on the 17th I am informed I had 7 sales.. Personally I think these were simply logged on the wrong day, why would I have so many sales the day before the sale starts? So I believe them to be free sales.
  • Saturday started and as you 91 versions were 'bought'.
  • Sunday and now it really hots up and a whopping 323 sales happen.
  • Monday I get a recorded 4 sales. Now I can tell you that 1 of those sales was for the second book app 'ADATZ'. The other 3 could possibly be real sales, or they could be misassigned free versions. No way for me to tell at this time.
Now I went into this free weekend with several expectations, or hopes.
  1. I really want children and adults to be enjoying my product, hopefully bringing them closer together when reading. So having anyone using my book app makes me feel all gooey inside. So any downloads feels like a huge thing
  2. I wanted to get at east 100 downloads from the free weekend. As you can see I trounced that amount, YAY!
  3. I hoped for a bunch of cross over sales. Maybe as much as 10%, so if 100 people downloaded 5GC for free, maybe I could sell 10 ADATZ... Well that has not happened at all. I appear to have a single bought version of ADATZ at this time.
  4. I hoped that there would be some form of tail, dragging fro the weekend that might be people buying the game as it is recommended to them from friends who downloaded the free version. As you can tell, I do not see that happening, though in all fairness, I should probably wait at least a week for people to see each other.
  5. Find out if it will be worth doing a free weekend for ADATZ
I think of this as a success. My book app is now in the hands of over 400 more people than before. Though I appear to have made no money from it, I was unlikely to make any more over the weekend anyway. Win? in my heart it is. However
I also believe that most if not all of these people will not really play this book app. It is meant for children after all (3-6 year olds), and my guess is most people that downloaded this will also not share it with that age group. Downer? sure...

Final Thoughts:
After this interesting weekend I am going to try an upcoming weekend with my second Book App, ADATZ, but instead of being free, I am going to discount the price. It will be very interesting to see the difference in the downloads etc.

Have a good one,
Da Voodochief

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