Monday, May 13, 2013

" I HUNGER!! "

I am continuing work on 'Space Invaliens' at a good clip. Yesterday I got to record some audio for the game, so my vertical slice has sounds. the sounds are important for this game as I really want the enemies to have character, and one way for me to do that is to add voices for them. I also bought the Space Invaliens .com web site in preparation and setup a simple it of redirect information. Still it's a start, now back to words in games.

YES, alien space ships attacking you from the top of the screen with voices. This is largely inspired by a game I played a long time ago in Nottingham, England. Me and me mates Andy and Chris travelled from Derby on the train one weekend to go to all the arcades in Nottingham and play anything we found, especially the new games. Well, we walked into one of our favourite arcades, a dark place where all the video games sounds were dang loud! As we walked in and our eyes adjusted slowly to the darkness our ears were assailed by a new game 'I HUNGER' was the first words we heard. All three of us looked at each other with questions on our faces,.. and maybe a little fear...

Check out what he said on Youtube

As it turns out playing the game also brought fear and anticipation to our time playing the game of Sinistar. It was not the best shootemup around, but the atmosphere it created was simply stunning.

Hard to create that same sense now of course, but it will not stop me trying. I will get a video soon, once I redo the playback rates of the audio. so far the SI_One alien sounds like a mouse as my playback rate is way too fast.

Da Voodoochief

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