Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SI Players Shield

I was working, or thinking about the players shield. I really want something to help with those really troublesome times when a player gets backed into a corner, yet I really did not want to do the usual thing of simply adding to the amount of health a player has.

So I have the answer, it is what I am calling a deflector shield. The deflector shield simply deflects single enemy bullets, rather than absorb them. It will also refresh given some amount of time to recharge itself. This will solve all the problems I have and want a shield for, and yet it seems not give me any new issues. Let em list a few of the reasons off the top of my head.

  1. Don't want an extended health bar. No HUD graphics required. The image of the shield around the ship should be enough.
  2. Don't want simply more health. With this being a single time hit and it pops type of deal, it is anything but more health. also it will not care how big or dangerous an enemy bullet is, they are deflected the same.
  3. Great for enhancement. Instead of simply added more 'health' to the shield. This type will allow me to add more hits before it pops.
  4. More enhancement can be achieved by shortening the recharge timer.
  5. With the recharge it is a very powerful device, but is more for getting out of tight spots than charging through enemy firepower willy nilly. Use when in danger.
They are a few of my reasons. I would have a graphic here except I forgot to take a picture. DOH!

Da Voodoochief

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