Friday, May 24, 2013

Config screen is a GO

In Space invaliens I have spent way too much time on the starfield as mentioned before. However a good side to that story is that I have now incorporated it into my configuration screen.

As you can see the bottom option is allowing the player to alter the speed of the starfield. Later I may allow setting for different things, like, Frenetic, Surprise me, and atmosphere etc. Still right now I can have testers tell me what the value should default to. then I can set the average up as the default.

On this menu which is currently finished you can see all the basic options most games have. As I intend to put music in this game (I have some excellent music for it) I have decided to put in volume controls. I always tend to fiddle with the balance between SFX and Music when I play games, preferring the music to take a back seat.

Along with that we have the actual control configuration itself. allowing a main type to change and then a dynamic sub type under it. This gives me all the controls I need at the moment, but I have not yet included PC specific controls etc. this is for the Tablet control interface.

That starfield in the background gives you a direct representation of speed as you alter it in this configuration. If you happen to have come to this config screen from inside the games Pause, then you will be overlaying the game screen, and you will what changes some of your choices make. Such as toggling between a left or right handed players buttons configuration.

Da Voodoochief

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